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Safety management system certification has become an important compliance issue for many ‎organisations, with specific certifications becoming major requirements for many contracts and ‎tenders.‎
This British Standard specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety management ‎system (OHSMS), to enable an organisation to formulate a policy and objectives taking into account ‎legislative requirements and information about hazards or risks. It applies to those hazards or risks ‎over which the organisation may exert control and over which it can be expected to have an influence. ‎It does not state specific OHS performance outcomes.‎
This Standard is applicable to any organisation that wishes to—
‎(a) implement, maintain and improve an OHSMS;
‎(b) assure itself of its conformance with its stated OHS policy;
‎(c) demonstrate such conformance to others;
‎(d) seek certification/registration of its OHSMS by an external organisation; or
‎(e) make a self-determination and declaration of conformance with the Standard.‎

All the requirements in the Standard are intended to be incorporated into any OHSMS. The extent of ‎the application will depend on such factors as the OHS policy of the organisation, the nature of its ‎activities and the conditions in which it operates.‎

Effective implementation of an OHS management system should seek to ensure the organisation ‎complies with relevant OHS legislation, standards and codes of practice. However, the implementation ‎of any of the requirements of this Standard, whether or not the organisation has gained certification ‎from a third-party certification body or is otherwise recognized, does not in any way assure compliance ‎with legal requirements, or other obligations placed upon the organisation by a statutory body. Hence, ‎the implementation, either actual or intended, of this Standard, or parts thereof, would not preclude ‎any action by a statutory body.‎
OHSAS18001 is the international version of the safety management system standard and is very well ‎known in most parts of the world. This standard has recently gained popularity in Australia and New ‎Zealand as many organisations deal with customers and suppliers around the world and like to have a ‎mutually recognized certification. Plans are in place to publish a new ISO standard for safety ‎management systems, to take the place of OHSAS 18001. The new standard will be named ISO45001 ‎and should be published in late 2016.‎
You can learn more about the new ISO45001 standard here: – ISO45001‎
The Work Health and Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (Edition 5) have been ‎developed to enable government agencies which undertake construction and infrastructure projects ‎to work with the construction industry in a manner that:‎
• Improves safety outcomes for all construction industry participants;‎
• Provides a consistent minimum standard across all government construction projects that ‎construction industry participants must meet;‎
• Facilitates a safety management systems approach by construction contractors;‎
• Increases productivity and efficiency by improving planning and reducing accidents;‎
• Supports government agencies in demonstrating they are meeting their obligations under ‎Work Health and Safety laws.‎
The Guidelines require that for all contracts valued at $1million or more, or as determined by an ‎agency, the renderers’ must provide evidence of an acceptable corporate WHS Management System. ‎Corporate WHS Management Systems must comply with the requirements of the Work Health and ‎Safety Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (Edition 5).‎
‎ Agencies may accept a Corporate Work Health and Safety Management System if they are provided ‎with:‎
• Evidence that the Corporate Work Health and Safety Management System was accredited in ‎accordance with the Government Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ‎Guidelines Edition 4 within the preceding three year period; or
• An audit report by an OHS Auditor (in compliance with the Work Health and Safety ‎Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines Edition 5) attesting that the Corporate Work ‎Health and Safety Management System: ‎
o complies with the documentation requirements of the Work Health and Safety ‎Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (Edition 5);‎
o appropriately comprehends all current Work Health and Safety Legislation and ‎other Work Health and Safety requirements; and
o includes requirements for audit, by an OHS Auditor independent of the Contractor, of ‎compliance, currency and effective implementation at intervals of not less than three ‎years.‎

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